I’m still basking in the glow of my newly organized office/craft room (check out the reveal).  I have a few projects to highlight in the next few days that I wasn’t able to squeeze into March (the floor to ceiling bookcase, a new pillow, and some fun bookends) but I really want to hear which room you, my loyal readers, want to see me tackle next (because they’re all equally important in my book).  I included a survey at the bottom of my reveal post, but that post was suuuuper long and I’m afraid a lot of people may have missed it (thank you so much to those that have already taken it).

I’ve included a new survey below.  The first question is the one I had on my other post but with a little longer range.  I’m going to use your answers to not only determine April’s room but to help me pick the rooms for each month through December.  The organizational focus room/area has really helped me to work towards a goal each month.  For those that missed it, February’s “room” was our entryway (check out the project recap) and of course March’s was the office/craft room.  I need to keep the organizational momentum but there are so many rooms/areas (albeit small ones) to choose from.

The second question of this survey is for any special requests.  I’ve promised a couple of tutorials along the way (Sherida, I’ve been thinking about you and your pillow fabric) but I know there must be other projects and special requests out there.  Help me help you!  Don’t worry.  I’m by no means out of project ideas, I just figured I’d ask for your thoughts while I had you surveying already.

You do not have to answer both questions, I would just love any feedback you can give me.

I’ll leave the survey open but I’m going to announce the results this weekend along with the focus room for April (which will only leave me a little over 3 weeks to complete it, eek!).

If you can’t see the survey, please follow this link. Click here to take survey
Thanks for your thoughts!


4 Responses to Room Organization Survey

  1. Natasha says:

    Hmm, didn’t see the survey option (I’m on Chrome) but love the topic.

  2. Rohit Sharma says:

    Took the survey… Whole new leaf :) Hi Beth, good to know about your resolutions though :)