medicine and first aid labels

Make your own labeled medicine and first aid boxes using the Silhouette

I’ve had a great response to my cabinet organization. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m glad it’s been inspirational for others.

I uploaded the Silhouette Studio file to my account (click here to go directly to the file) in case anyone else wanted to make these labeled containers with their Silhouette.

Again, I found the containers at Dollar Tree for $1 each.  They had blue, yellow, green and red at the locations around me and you can add any color of vinyl to make them really fun.

Keep sending your organizing stories and pictures

I’ve heard some fabulous organization stories and received some great pictures from readers.  I’ll be putting together a reader showcase soon.  Please continue to send me your stories and pictures, I’m really enjoying hearing and seeing how you’re making all of your spaces more organized.


One Response to Organizing Medicines and First Aid Supplies (Silhouette free cut file)

  1. Hooray! This turned out fabulously, Beth. I labeled our medicines and first aid supply prior to having a Silhouette, so they’re done with one of those old school label makers. Yuck face. This is definitely way prettier…and thanks for sharing the free cut file. You know I love me some freebies!